Scouting The Market: Alex Tanguay

June 22, 2010, by

Free Agency is not that far away. But we keep plugging along here on Scouting the Market. Read the other Scouting the Markets here. Next up: Alex Tanguay

Alex Tanguay is a 30 year old winger who spent last season with Tampa Bay. He wasn’t incredibly productive, putting up a line of 10-27-37, but most think he wasn’t a good fit in Tampa. He’s used to scoring 20+ goals and netting 40+ assists.

The 6-1, 191 pound winger is not a defensive player at all, but playing alongside Gaborik will get his offensive numbers to his previous levels.

Assuming no other signings, here’s what the lines could look like:





That’s not bad. Tanguay will provide a much needed boost to the offense. He’ll come cheap, too. He made $2.5 million last season, but after his season last year, I’d expect that to come down to the $2 million area. For a one year deal, that’s not bad.

What do you think of Tanguay? Worth the price of admission? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Dave says:

    Definitely yes. Especially if Prospal gets more money elsewhere. Nothing like a low risk, high reward guy.

  2. Mark says:

    I don’t mind the idea of signing Tanguay for a low price, although the Rangers love bringing in older talent that are past their prime… however if Tanguay were to be the only pick up… they would be rolling out a second line of Avery, Christenson, and Cally… None of which I think are 2nd line caliber (maybe Cally if he continues his progression)… also we are designating drury to the 4th line… we need to make multiple signings or make a move for a legit number one center… so that we can move Dubi down or to the the left wing and then bring in a 2nd line guy to bulk up our depth… in 2 or 3 years we have a lot of prospects that could make us even deeper, but for now we need to add some depth in scoring and bolster our D… Lunquivst has been saving us each year, and it’s about time we get him some support…

    • Dave says:

      The Rangers are multiple moves away from being a legit contender, which is why you find stopgaps until the kids that can fill those roles are ready.

  3. Mark says:

    Agreed that we are multiple moves away, but I think Sather could get creative in his thinking and make some key aquisitions to get us moving in the right direction… Goaltenders don’t usually have great longevity and when you have a goalie that can steal maybe a game a series, which the king is legitamately able to do, you need to strike while that irons hot… look at what happened with philly and Chicago, both got great goaltending from lesser goalies than Lundqvist. If philly has henrik, they might have been able to steal game six and force the game 7… we can’t just wait and let everything develop, we need to get creative and put ourselves in the position to win now.. especially with how wide open the east is now

    • jurgenno88 says:

      Goalies dont usually have longevity? Good ones do. Where do you get that from?

      And if Philly got great goaltending look at exhibit A (SCF GWG) for proof at otherwise. Philly had a great route to the final that cant be downplayed. They need goaltending in a bad way.

  4. Mark says:

    I wasn’t saying that their goaltenders were great… they did get great goaltending in timely situations… if they had a great goalie like a Henrik Lundqvist, it is my opinion that they would have had a legit chance at beating the Blackhawks. I just don’t like the idea of waiting to see how the prospects progress, the East is wide open, a team we lost to in a shoot out made it to the cup… i would just like to see Sather make good moves that bring in good talent to make a push, but also keep us moving in the right direction.

    • Dave says:

      Hank is only 27, he has plenty of solid years ahead of him. Luongo is 31, and shows no signs of slowing down. Brodeur is 37.

    • jurgenno88 says:

      i do agree the East is wide open.
      I do agree with Dave though, that we’re more than a move or two away.
      In 12 months time you assess how the East is looking, how the kids inserted into the line up coped and then (when Roszival is moveable with 1 year remaining and hopefully with redden gone) you look to maybe put a few pieces together. Because then you have just 1 year of Drury remaining @ 7m also….

      We’re atleast 1 year away from looking to add pieces for any kind of run. Probably 2 years. And With Lundqvist having atleast another 5 years i’d say (minimum) at his level we can afford to be patient. Patience is key.