Very Unusual

Generally, when teams are on the verge of a trade, the players involved are scratched as a precaution. An injury to a player involved in a trade would essentially kill the deal. This is the sole reason why Olli Jokinen suiting up for Calgary tonight when the Flames are in Philly is a very, very unusual move.

More details as they come.

8 Responses to “Very Unusual”

    • I have to agree.

      There can’t be a deal as far as Calgary is concerned if they’re risking injury to Jokinen.

      It just doesn’t make any sense what-so-ever.

    • This is the only development that makes sense.

      If Kotalik hasn’t waived it, there’s some reason why Calgary is playing Jokinen. Not a great reason, but still a reason.

  1. A little sour grapes from Kotalik to Sather. I think he just wants to make a point. Regardless, do we know his whole “no trade” list?

  2. The reason they are playing Jokinen is because they need to win. They would be without two players (Jokinen and Prust) and I guess calling up two random players hurts them. Either way, I’d like to see this resolved. And resolved fast.

  3. Kotalik should be thankful to the Rangers & Sather; because of them, all he has to do is show a glimmer of talent to be guaranteed $3 mil a year.