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Assuming Jokinen Is A Ranger, What’s Next?

February 1, 2010, by

We can’t be entirely sure if Olli Jokinen will be a Ranger, but signs are pointing that way. As a refresher, the deal was: Jokinen and Brandon Prust to Broadway, and Ales Kotalik and Chris Higgins going out to Calgary. I love this deal. Jokinen, who is essentially replacing Higgins, since Kotalik doesn’t play anymore, is a very good player, who can set up with the best of them. Prust is a more physical version of Voros. Higgins, while a good penalty killer and a hard worker, was expendable. He wasn’t scoring. Kotalik, as we all know, just wasn’t working out. After the first couple of weeks, his shot from the point was hitting the net, and he’s next to useless on even strength. So, in my mind, this is another home run trade for Glen Sather.

Of course, this trade begs the question: Where will Jokinen play? And what will the lines look like? Here’s my early take:





Jokinen and Gaborik are a natural fit. That’s a great 1-2 punch–one of the better ones in the league. I’ve always wanted to see Avery with Dubi and Cally. That’s a hell of a hardworking line. The 3rd line is a good 3rd line. Anisimov seems to have chemistry with Lisin, and the defensive prowess of Drury allows Lisin to do more in the offensive end.  The fourth line is kind of a mish-mosh. Don’t want to see Voros back in the press box, but Prust is a better player. Christensen has proven himself enough, and I love Boyle. Brashear sits.

Is this team better with the acquisition of Jokinen? Yes. Much better. So much better. Best part? They didn’t sacrifice the future. The Rangers still need to add a defenseman (or two). And he has to be physical. Garnet Exelby from Toronto for a 4th rounder anyone?


  1. matt says:

    Love, love this trade…and the lines it spawns off.

    Avery/Dubi/Cally has youth, energy, grit, and skill written all over it.

    Totally agree with the Voros point, and to be honest, I’m not that familiar with Prust, but gotta go with the better player, as much as I love Voros.

    Side Note:
    What would it cost the rangers cap wise to just dump/get rid of Brasher? (cause I assume he’s untradeable)

    • Dave says:

      He would have to “defect” to the KHL for the entire salary to be cleared. If they send him to Hartford, it’s just $100,000 off the books.

      Side note, when did you ever think that people would be defecting TO Russia?

  2. ILYA"S COMING says:

    They are just making cap room for ILYA, and I think that Grechev? will make a nice fit with Lisin Anisimov but who knows. Nice work Glen

  3. matt says:

    Eh, I think they’d have to give up a lot of youth I want around for Ilya (cause I don’t want to look up this last name spelling).

    • ILYA"S COMING says:

      no not for this season, to land him over the summer, he wants to wait and take the best offer possible, Atlanta has definetly ofererd him more than enough he just wants to test the waters. Besides if he really wants to stay in atlanta he should be trade so they can get the picks and prospects then resign.

      • matt says:

        ok, cool, yeah, I wouldn’t give up a lot.

        But, what about the salary cap? Gabby, Drury, and Ilya? Not to mention the bad contracts of redden/rozi.

        • ILYA"S COMING says:

          I think that it is possible to move rozi by the deadline or over the summer he really isnt that bad but redden is another story. I have been hear stories that you can burry him in the AHL but, i also heard that you cant. I am not sure how much the RFA are going to cost but dan gardi’s stock is dropping a bit as of late, I still feel that he is a must resign unless he really takes a bad turn. The team will have to play with cheap youth and expensive vererns, by the time cally and dubi are to to resign drury will be gone. I think tha tit could happen

          • Dave says:

            Girardi is probably going to make the same, while Staal will command the savings from the Kotalik deal.

            I still expect Girardi to be dealt at the draft though. He’s expendable.

  4. jurgenno88 says:

    im not sure if Jokinen wouldnt be best suited on the second line allowing Dubi to continue with Gabby. I love the deal and worst case scenario, come summer if Jokinen doesnt pan out its a salary dump thats much needed.

    Another good move (not signing!)from Sather. Gets rid of two problems for one (maybe 2) potential answers…

    We just got much bigger.

  5. Bettman's Nightmare says:

    I still think Jokinen is better in a featured shooter role; he struggled this year as the set-up guy for Iginla, in part because he’s always been the focal point of his line. The Rangers would be just as solid with Avery-Prospal-Gaborik & Dubi-Jokinen-Callahan. Problem is, Torts doesn’t seem committed to giving Avery serious playing time.

    • matt says:

      I’ve noticed that to about Avery, what’s the deal with that?

      I’ve been saying for a while that Avery seems to thrive on a top like (gomez, jagr)

    • Dave says:

      Jokinen worked best with a pure scorer in Horton when he was with Florida. He doesn’t really work well with power forwards (Iginla), so putting him with Gaborik will probably revive him.

      Avery-Dubi-Cally would be the hardest working line on the team, without a doubt. But can they score?

      • matt says:

        Valid point, but I do, those guys seem to play well with each other, so it wouldn’t be like some of the lines Dubi/Cally have been on where they are trying to force the offense.

      • Bettman's Nightmare says:

        Horton was definitely a scorer, but he had to make do with 130 fewer shots than a featured scorer would take because Jokinen took 350. Jokinen doesn’t get over a point-per without that many shots, so the question is does Gaborik take fewer shots or do we keep him as the featured shooter on the top line?

  6. matt says:

    This trade is taking on a life of it’s self.

    Lots of conflicting reports on when it will happen, if it will happen, who’s involved…

    Some places are saying the Flames want Jokinen to play in Philly tonight (if he’s gonna be traded, why would they do that?)