Chris Higgins Can’t Buy A Goal, And Other Random Thoughts

December 1, 2009, by

As we try to digest yet another Rangers loss, I couldn’t help but think. So here are some random thoughts coming from my mind to yours.

-Chris Higgins can’t buy a goal. Honestly. He’s been playing so well. He’s been aggressive on the forecheck. He’s creating chances. He just can’t bury the puck. And I don’t know why. I don’t know why. But,  I have a feeling that he’s going to get hot. He has to at some point. He’s playing to well.

-Lundqvist needs a break. Whether he’s been worked too hard, or whether is mind is elsewhere, having Valliquette start a couple more games cannot hurt. Hank needs to be Hank for this team to win. Right now, he’s struggling.

-Marian Gaborik is close to breaking last year’s high goal total. Markus Naslund had 24. Gabby has 21. He should break it this week.  And it hasn’t even been 30 games!

-Gaborik is why this team is better than last year. Immediately, you have a better scoring presence. Power play is imporved, markedly. This team should make the playoffs. They are better than last year. This is probably just a rough stretch.

-I miss Wade Redden.

-Bobby Sanguinetti does nothing for me.

-Chris Drury looks like a different player, in a good way. Much faster, much better skating-wise. He’s doing a hell of job on the point.

-Ales Kotalik has found his way into the doghouse.

-P.A. Parenteau is pretty good. He should stay for awhile.

-Like I said, this is a playoff team. This is just a rough (very rough) stretch. All teams go through it. If the Rangers can come out of this and get some points, everything will be okay.


  1. Dave says:

    I believe I was the only one that didn’t like the Kotalik signing?

    Doesn’t that make me two for two on free agent signing predictions right now?

    • jurgenno88 says:

      if he’s that bad what do you think of the rest of the roster?
      he’s third in scoring isnt he?
      i dont think he was ever brought in for his stellar 5 on 5 play but it cant be denied he’s helped in the PP stakes and put points up. Consistently maybe not. A 3m player? maybe not. But he’s not a bad signing. If you’re looking to disect the roster look more at the D (obviously) and El Capitano.

  2. Dave says:

    So we paid $3 million for a powerplay specialist? That’s asinine. Sure, he’s been great on the PP, but he’s a -12. That’s ridiculous.

    If we want to get into the rest of the roster, we will be here all day. Sather’s strength is in his trades, not his signings (aside from Prospal).

  3. spins says:

    we did pay redden 6.5mil a year to fix out power play. Sure kotalik is annoying to watch but i remb him from his days in buffalo he is playin the same type of game what did you think would change?

    Have to agree with drury something looks better i actually noticed him on the ice last few games and he tee d it up a few times with a slap shot which i feel i havent seen in a long time with him