Sanguinetti Recalled

November 26, 2009, by

Considering today is Thanksgiving, I didn’t expect to have anything to post other than the Happy Thanksgiving post below. Alas, I was mistaken. With the Wade Redden injury, the Rangers need another defenseman. It looks like fans are going to get their wish, as Bobby Sanguinetti has been recalled. He will be filling in for the injured Redden for the road trip. Dare I say that Sanguinetti has some tough shoes to fill? Well, I do. Redden has been great this year.

Sanguinetti has been tearing up the AHL, at the tune of a point per game. He deserves the call up. I bet his Thanksgiving just got a lot better.

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  1. NYRJurgen88 says:

    assuming he plays im hoping he playsso well Torts is forced to drop Roszival! because Redden has been good this year and oviously they wont drop him