It All Started With A Timeout

November 23, 2009, by

The Rangers came out flat tonight. Two goals in the first ten minutes by Columbus. So what does John Tortorella do? He calls a timeout. How do the Rangers respond? 7 straight goals.

It’s not often that a timeout will work this well. It will probably never work this well. But for this game, in this very important game, it worked. Rangers savior Marian Gaborik had two goals. Michael Del Zotto looked like Brian Leetch. Sean Avery had two. This team was grinding. Higgins played his best game as a Ranger. They were physical. They stood up for teammates. This was the Rangers team we saw early in the year. This was the team that got us all excited. Will they keep it up? I don’t know. If they do, we’ll know it all started with a timeout.

And kudos to all the folks commenting today, we had a BSB record with 108 comments! Great job guys. Keep it up.

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  1. Dave says:

    This whole timeout thing in the middle of the first works. 2-0 when it happens.