Prospal Named Alternate Captain

According to Jim Cerny, Vinny Prospal has been named alternate captain, joining Ryan Callahan and Chris Drury as the designated leaders of the team. Prospal has most definitely earned it. He has been productive, and by all accounts, an incredible leader. Good for Vinny.

6 Responses to “Prospal Named Alternate Captain”

  1. A fine (and not to be understimated, safe) choice.
    He’s led in every way so far, unlike Callahan he’s a veteran and cant possibly be doubted based on his past achievements.

    I think we’ll get an 80pt yr off Vinny. im hoping he’ll re-up for another yr at a sensible rate and help the development of the kids.

  2. I was all for the Vinny Prospal signing, and this day by day he keeps proving me right.

    He deserves it.

  3. If I ever get home from work I’ll check it out. The problem though, is getting home from work.