Dane Byers Recalled

October 30, 2009, by

The Rangers have recalled Dane Byers this afternoon, but there was no word on P.A. Parenteau being sent to Hartford. As per Steve Zipay’s twitter, Marian Gaborik, Sean Avery, and Chris Higgins are all out tonight. Gaborik is out because of his injury, and it’s safe to assume Higgins is out because he forgot how to play hockey, but the Avery benching is a bit of a surprise. It’s clearly because of either an injury or a benching, but as of now, no word on what the reason is.


  1. NYRJurgen88 says:

    its nice to see Torts trying to shake things up and im happy see Byers get a chance even though im surprised… Is he the most deserving in Hartford this year?!
    Either wy, i think Byers is a nice fit in Torts system. I also think he can add a physical element which as we discussed the other day i we think is lacking.

  2. Dave says:

    Byers is more deserving than Grachev, that’s for sure.

  3. NYRJurgen88 says:

    well… why for sure?!
    and it depends for what role Torts has in mind. If it was for a spot in the top 6 i’d have called up Grachev. 3rd line and lower, energy role? Byers.
    As we discussed the other day, if Torts needs a guy to bang some bodies then hes chosen the right guy…
    i do like Byers balance though as he can definitely had some offense too. Hope he can finally stay healthy. you can argue had it not been for health he’d already be a ranger

  4. Dave says:

    Can someone throw up a game thread please? Thanks.

  5. Dave says:

    For sure because Grachev has been underwhelming at best while he adjusts to the AHL. Many had Byers tabbed as a 4th liner this year.

    • NYRJurgen88 says:

      i do think Byers has nhl potential so its good to see him get a chance and i have said before i’d keep Grachev in the A for a while regardless. Just wondered why you said for sure thats all.
      I think Byers can play 3rd line from what i have seen. Seems to have a nice blend of size, some skill and aggression. Hope he gets sufficient minutes tonight and doesnt play tentatively.