The Heatley Saga Is Over…Finally

September 13, 2009, by

Finally, we can put an end to the Heatley-to-the-Rangers rumors. The Ottawa Senators have traded the winger, with a 5th round pick, to San Jose for Milan Michalek, Jonathan Cheechoo, and a 2nd round pick. This is a decent pull for Heatley, as Ottawa had nearly zero negotiating power.

Michalek is a solid young winger who will most likely flourish while playing with Jason Spezza and Daniel Alfredsson. Cheechoo, who has never really returned to the 50-goal form he showed a few years ago, was most likely a “salary throw-in”. I put that term in quotes because it would be wrong to underestimate Cheechoo, but he just hasn’t shown that elite goal scorer form he once had.

I, along with a lot of Ranger fans, can finally breathe a little easier knowing that the farm (ie: Marc Staal) won’t be sold for Heatley.

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