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August 20, 2009, by

Considering my passion is the business of hockey, I love the offseason. Analyzing trades and signings from a business standpoint is a lot of fun for me. I know I’m not the only one that loves analyzing this stuff, and making up my own trade scenarios to get the players I want on the Rangers. But before we go any further, please note that if NHL ’10 (or ’09, or ’08) accepts your trade, it doesn’t mean that real life GMs will accept the trade. Actually, the trading system in the NHL games is incredibly flawed, because it undervalues prospects and over values players like Marek Malik. Need more clarification? I traded Malik to Anaheim for a 1st round pick in NHL ’08.

No, not all trade scenarios are straight from NHL video games, but some are still equally ludicrous. Let’s start with the hot topic of Brad Richards. The “rumored” deal was Richards to the Rangers for just Dubinsky, Rozsival and a 1st round pick.

Last time I checked, robbery is still a crime in New York.

My personal feelings of this deal aside, that’s a ridiculous steal for the Rangers and a deal that gets the Dallas GM (who is it nowadays anyway?) fired and burned at the stake. The Rangers would have to throw in one of Sanguinetti / Del Zotto / McDonagh and probably an additional pick or a lower level prospect. Consider it this way, Brad Richards will cost the Rangers more than what Scott Gomez cost les Canadiens.

Yes, Tom Hicks is in financial trouble, but considering the size of his financial problems, dumping what amounts to be $3 million isn’t really a big breather for him. So that becomes a moot point.

The other deal is the same package “rumored” for Dany Heatley. At least we are consistent with these packages for stars. The same argument applies, except it’s an even bigger steal. You have to throw in the same logic that the Rangers would have to throw in one or two of their front-line prospects.

Like it or not, this is the cost of a front-line player. Dany Heatley and Brad Richards will not come cheap, and I can guarantee that if you keep begging for them, you will not be pleased with what goes the other way.

Also remember that quantity =/= quality. You will not be able to throw 25 Jordan Owens’ at a GM to get Brad Richards.

Basically, when thinking of if a trade would work, think about it from the opposing GMs point of view: “Would this trade make my team better?” In both of these trade scenarios, the clear answer is no.

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  1. dbmaven says:

    Well written and spot on.
    There’s currently a 3 team scenario (Edmonton/Ottawa/NYR) all over the place involving Heatley (gee – what a surprise) and the ‘usual suspects.
    If you look at it from the Edmonton point of view, it’s patently insane and has no chance of every becoming reality.

    And your final paragraph sums it up all too well.
    Kudos !

  2. Infinity says:

    I’m not easily impressed. . . but that’s impeirssng me! 🙂

  3. uncxouuot says:

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