There is no Pleasing Some of Us

August 7, 2009, by

When it comes to credibility in the blog-o-sphere, I have zero credibility. I am not a writer. I do not have a degree in journalism. I have an MBA and a degree in Computer Science, which gets me nowhere in terms of recognition by the professionals (but the MBA definitely helps with my passion, which is the business of hockey). The internet is a great thing, fans like me get to post their feelings on a blog, and have faithful readers that visit daily to read what I have to say. We here at BSB are very appreciative of the following we have (over 1,000 visitors daily, which is amazing, thank you very much to everyone who frequents our tiny sliver of cyberspace). However, it seems that some of us, fans and writers alike, have trouble being optimistic and finding the good in what the team, and its management, does.

I’m sure many of you have read this article by Larry Brooks of the NY Post. To quickly sum it up, he rips on Sather for a lot of the moves he made this summer. While it is Larry’s name to the article, he is definitely not the only person to feel this way about the Rangers moves this summer. Some have been questionable (2 years to a 37 year old Brashear, not resigning the best PK duo on the planet), but others have been downright perfect (dealing Gomez and getting an actual return, filling that huge void of go-to scorer). Say what you want about Gaborik, that deal needed to be made.

I am not a Glen Sather fan. However, I must admit, his trades have usually been on the good side. Dealing Tyutin, who was making $2.875 million and was essentially a 3rd pairing, for Zherdev was the RIGHT move. If you argue otherwise, you are blinded by your hatred of Zherdev himself. No, Zherdev didn’t work out in NY, but it’s not like anything of value went to Columbus.

The only knock you can really make on Sather (aside from the outlandish contracts) is the massive turnover of the roster for two straight years. No matter which way you look at it, 35% of the roster has been turned over for two straight years, and only ten players who were on the opening night roster last year are on the roster this year, of which only four of them are forwards. That’s a little bit extreme. There are other minor issues, such as the Al Montoya/Lauri Korpikoski/Petr Prucha situations, but they really are minor issues. So let’s omit those for now.

A little bit of optimism on the Sather deals can’t hurt. Gaborik was a big signing, and the approach he took was perfect. The Gomez deal was a downright steal, and McDonagh is going to be gold. Brashear, even if he is signed for one year too many, is an upgrade over Colton Orr. He is leaving open spots on the roster for young talent to make the team. The roster this year, on paper, is better than last year’s team.

I don’t know about you, but I am a Ranger fan. I want them to succeed. Just because I don’t agree with some of the deals they make doesn’t mean that I want them to fail miserably. Please, a little confidence in Sather, I think he earned a little bit this offseason.

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  1. Mikeyyy says:

    Just wait till the next one.

    Rumor Mill by Leopod has a Dallas and NYR swap .

    Dubi, Rosi and a prospect for Brad Richards.

    Same source that first reported the Morris to Bs signing.

  2. Dave says:

    Found it (Bleacher Report), writing a post on it now.

    • Dave says:

      Upon further review, this deal is bogus. Too many problems with it:

      1) Not enough cap space
      2) Rangers would be starting 3 rookies on D
      3) Not enough cap space
      4) Not enough to give for Richards
      5) Not enough cap space

  3. Jim says:

    Dave well said. You know I’ve been in Sather’s corner for the moves this off season, and like I said on the show the other night in my rant, like him or not, he is the GM, and that isn’t going to change until he says so.

    • Dave says:

      I’ve just been so sick of the negativity (I’m guilty of it too). Let’s get some positive thinking for this year!

  4. tomb says:

    All Sather could do this offseason is trade som etradeable assets for ones that fit better with this team, check. Draft the best available players at the draf, semi-check. Sign the best available free agents, hopeful-check there, and re-sign the best guys on the team (check plus Dubinsky).

    I too have hated many of his moves, but I head into next seaseon with lots of optimism. All of the pieces aren’t there yet, but I think most of them are in the system.

    50-50 whether we make the playoffs next year, but we are a better team. I really hope there are no more moves. It’s time to see if our kids are NHL ready or not.

  5. Dreadin' Redden says:

    I agree with everything you say except the part about “nothing of value went to Columbus.”

    Tyutin scored more points than any Rangers defenseman last season. He also played more minutes and was the number 1 defenseman on a team that was 6th in the league in GA/G.

    Other than Staal, Fedor Tyutin would be the best defenseman on the Rangers right now.