Shanny to Return to Jersey

August 5, 2009, by

Brendan Shanahan will be returning to the Devils next season. In a move that will shock no one, Shanahan will sign a one-year deal to return to the black-and-red. This will put an end to the ridiculous rumors that Shanny was returning to Broadway.

Just a few reasons why Shanny returning wouldn’t work (although he would be welcomed):

  • He’s old.
  • Old people don’t do well in a Torts based attack-attack-attack system over the course of an 82 game season. Shanny would have tired incredibly easily.
  • It’s Drury’s team now. As much as he would be welcomed, Shanny would inadvertently throw a wrench into that plan.
  • There are no more spots on the team for wingers.
  • He’s really old.

I like Shanny, but the Rangers have turned the page.

One comment

  1. Jordan says:

    Agreed. I enjoyed Shanahan’s time on the team, but he’s too old to play meaningful minutes in the new attack system.