Enough on Heatley

July 20, 2009, by

With the Gaborik signing, the Rangers essentially walked away from the table with the Sens. They simply do not have the cap room to take on another $7.5 million contract, and we all know Ottawa won’t be taking Redden back in a deal.

The choice between Gaborik or Heatley will always be debated. But look at it this way, it was either Gaborik with Dubinsky/insert 2 prospects here, or Heatley without Dubinsky and the prospects. When healthy, they are both comparable players with comparable salaries. Clearly, the issue here is his health.

The doctor that performed Gaborik’s hip surgeries, Dr. Marc Philippon, is the worlds’ top orthopedic surgeon, and has treated Mario Lemieux, and performed the same surgery for Alex Rodriguez and Michal Rozsival. It’s safe to say that Philippon has a very good reputation and recovery rate, at least when the player doesn’t rush back too soon (see: Rozsival, A-Rod).

So just, relax for a bit, and enjoy the fact that we have a top-5 winger in the organization, and it didn’t cost us anything other than money. Sometimes, the best deal you make is the deal you don’t make.

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