Morris, Rangers in Talks

July 8, 2009, by

According to the gents over at The Fourth Period, the Rangers are in talks with UFA defenseman Derek Morris, who was acquired last season for Dmitri Kalinin, Nigel Dawes, and Petr Prucha (ugh), and was the subject of many a rant courtesy of me. Listen, was Morris an upgrade over Kalinin? Of course. But he did not give the Rangers what they needed (a PP QB), but hey, he did hit some people every now and then. At least he’s not seeking a long-term deal:

“Term doesn’t really bother Derek,” Devine explained. “Term seems to be an issue out there, but one-year is fine with him… two years, three years, four years; he’s flexible.”

So yes, Slats, let’s sign Derek Morris, a 31 year old defenseman, who has not put up 30 points in a season since the lockout, and has only done so 4 times in his entire career, and is a -24 for his career. Yes, let’s bury all that young defensive depth in Hartford for another season of overpaid and underachieving “names”. We have the likes of Gilroy, Sanguinetti, Potter, Del Zotto, and Sauer all waiting to crack the roster. Sure, they are unproven, but you have to give them a shot to become proven. Remember, Marc Staal was unproven once.

This is asinine, my hatred of Derek Morris aside, this would just be a waste of precious salary cap room.

This is why Glen Sather is so frustrating. He seems to alternate between good moves and bad moves. Between dumping Gomez (good), signing Brashear (bad), signing Gaborik (good) and now the rumors of resigning Morris (bad), it’s like a friggin heart attack with him. I can’t take this any longer.


  1. Mike D. says:

    Bringing back Derek Morris would be another blunder by Sather. Many people in blog nation seem to think Morris will sign a 1-yr deal for about $2 million. My response: please pass the pipe over here; cause its not happening!

    There is no way Morris signs a cheap, 1-yr deal for several reasons. First, Morris made almost $4 million last season (3.95 to be exact) and I highly doubt he would take that significant of a paycut. Second, he has a wife and children back in Phoenix and mentioned how difficult it was to be away from them. Basically, if he’s going to be away from them for an entire year – it better be worthwhile in dollars and $2 million won’t cut it (especially in NY with high taxes and cost of living). Finally, he’s only 31 and clearly believes he can still be a top four defenseman. With Redden, Rozsival, Staal, and Girardi likely occupying the top four slots, Morris will be relegated to the third pairing with much less ice-time under Torts (who always wants his “best players” out there). This is a position he certainly wouldn’t appreciate, unless playing for a cup contender – which the Rangers are far from at this point.

    In my opinion, Morris has the following options: (1) sign an expensive 1-yr deal with the Rangers ($3.5-3.75 million), (2) take a pay cut and return to his family in Phoenix on a multi-year contract, (3) sign a relatively cheaper 1-year deal with a Stanley Cup contender with cap room, (4) sign a multi-year deal with the Rangers and move the family to New York.

    Clearly, Morris will NOT be signing a 1-year deal worth $2 million. I will be absolutely shocked if the terms come anywhere near that.

  2. Jordan says:

    No more games with Morris AND Redden on the roster. It’s too painful. King Henrik can only be so good.

    • jurgenno88 says:

      agree with the original post and this. Though i liked Morris in calgary and in Colorado (to a point)he’s past his best and would clearly hinder our very good young D depth’s progress.

      How the hell he got his original 3.95m deal i dont know and i dont want to give him 2m, let alone more.

      Look at the Hawks, Pens, even teams like Anaheim; to a certain extent all these teams handed the keys to the car to the kids. Its about time we did the same because i (i may be alone on this one) think we have an excellent young core, a goalie that can bail them out and several good kids coming up.

      NO MORRIS!