Chris Higgins Signed (Update: Other NHL Signings)

July 6, 2009, by

See below for an explanation of the deal behind the long term deals.

Chris Higgins has agreed to terms with the Rangers. Higgins was an RFA, terms so far have not been disclosed. More later.

Update 4:40pm: Terms of the Higgins deal are still undisclosed, but as for other news: Alex Kovalev signed a 2 year/$10 million deal with Ottawa, and Francois Beauchemin signed a 4 year/$14 million deal with Toronto.

If I had to guess on the Higgins deal, I would say 2 years/$8 million. Just a guess though.

Update 7:00pm: The Higgins deal is for 1 year, $2.25 million, according to ESPN (so take it with a grain of salt).  Well below what I think most of us were anticipating for the rising young star.  Another thumbs up for Sather.  The one year deal gives the Rangers a lot of flexibility for the future.  And his track record with mid-to-long-term deals has not been great.  Kudos Slats, doing well so far this offseason

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