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June 6, 2009, by

I guess I’m not the only one sold on Scott Glennie, his ability, and his ungodly speed. A Ducks blogger wants the Ducks to draft him, and trade up if necessary. Some Leafs fans want him too, but their position is too high, and they would wind up overdrafting him.

Currently, the ISS top 30 has him listed at #19, which is where the Rangers will pick, but there’s no way he lasts that long in the draft. His stock has risen so much in a month, and barely took a hit with the rough combine.

With the rumors that the Rangers will trade up (although that post is more so directed at Colorado’s desire to trade down), it appears that they are targeting a specific player. If Glennie is that player, and the Rangers draft him, it will be a very, very good day for the Blueshirts.

Update 1:15pm While my draft wants have been for a speedy, skilled winger, the guys over at Blueshirt Banter have a detailed view of some of the bigger players that may fall to the Rangers, specifically top-six power forwards. It’s a great read, so you should check it out.

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