Rangers to Trade Up?

June 4, 2009, by

All the rumblings and grumblings around the Rangers blog-o-sphere is that the Rangers will make a deal to move up in the draft. How far up though, no one knows. Colorado holds the #3 pick, and other than Stastny and Hejduk, there’s not much there, and a single first round pick won’t help them rebuild as much. Maybe the Rangers can package the #19 from this year, a first rounder from next year (supposed to be a real shallow draft) and a mid-level D prospect (Sauer) for the #3 pick? Obviously there would have to be more tinkering done with that proposal, but it could happen, especially if Colorado, who wants Hedman and won’t get him, looks to trade down.

If the Rangers make it all the way up to #3, then you can ignore my Scott Glennie wishes. He’s good at the mid-first round, but at the top-5, he is not. At #3, you would expect the Rangers to take one of Duschene, Kane, Svensson, Schenn or Schroeder. Obviously this is all speculation, and nothing will be done until draft day. But with the Rangers looking to move up, it looks like they are targeting a specific player. We can only guess who it is at this point.

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