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Was sitting here drinking my morning cup of coffee, reading the paper, and still thinking about the Rangers season and what the future holds and it got me thinking: if you take into account all the activity that should occur in the offseason, what do you think the Rangers lines will look like next season?  This includes additions and subtractions.  While its nearly IMPOSSIBLE at this point to predict any of the offseason moves, it would be interesting to see the direction that this team will go.  It also got me thinking as to what the Rangers team COULD/WOULD look like if the Rangers weren’t so handicapped with the salary cap situation and if they wanted to really revamp the whole team.

So here are what my lines (and Rangers roster) would look like for next season.

FORWARDS (in no specific order)


C. Armstrong-Gomez-Callahan







I know…the team looks eerily similar.  I just don’t think the Rangers are going to be big players this offseason because of their cap issues and considering they have to take care of Dubinsky and Callahan before they take of anything else.  As the season will progress, I think these will certainly change.  I could see Grachev working his way into the lineup, Anisimov and Gilroy working their way out.  Maybe Gilroy getting moved to forward, Drury getting traded, Roszival getting hurt and Del Zotto getting called up.  Possibly that 4th line getting completely blown up and substituted with god-knows-who.  Its somewhat contradictory to what I said should happen in a prior post, but I think this is what might ultimately happen.

Now if I was Glen Sather and had no restrictions, here is what my modified fantasy team would look like, after the jump:



Gaborik-Gomez-St. Louis


E.Cole-Anisimov-R. Schremp





This team would just be ridiculously amazing.  The grind it out nature of Dubinsky’s line, the playmaking/goal-scoring unit of Gomez, and all-around hockey playing alongside Drury, and that out of nowhere Anisimov line.  The defense is a mixture of youth and veteran leadership.  I would consider taking Blake for one-year; fulfilling a role much like Hal Gill in Pittsburgh.  And there’s always been something about Beauchemin that I like.

Something fun to consider.  What do you guys think?

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  1. Dave says:

    Where’s Dubinsky?

  2. Dave says:

    I’m half asleep at work man. Cut me some slack.