The Importance of Momentum

April 13, 2009, by

The Rangers played, from a standings and seedings point of view, a meaningless game yesterday. Arguments can me made that the Rangers should have rested Nik Antropov, who is still less than 100% with his knee injury. Arguments can be made that the Rangers should have rested Henrik Lundqvist, who has been slightly overworked this season.

But the Rangers didn’t do either. And they came away with a more important victory than meets the eye. Our beloved Blueshirts built a three game win streak to end the season, all three against playoff teams, and all three were hard fought victories.

More importantly, yesterday the Rangers showed an ability to come from behind several times against a solid, if at times porous, Flyers team. They also showed that they can out score a very offensive opponent in the third, which will come a long way in the playoffs. This game, although “meaningless”, can be seen as a little ray of hope as the Rangers travel to Washington for the opener on Wednesday.

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