Wade Redden and the Proverbial Mud

April 2, 2009, by

Part of me still doesn’t believe it.  I’ve never seen an NHL defenseman flat-footed so often.  He just doesn’t have the size or the reach to compensate.  Not blaming the loss on him, but he was certainly exposed (again) tonight.  Not good.

Lundqvist was certainly below par, and he was shaky after getting rattled by Ruutu early in the 1st.  Normally, Colton Orr would’ve come in handy after that, but Carolina doesn’t have that guy who will accept the challenge.  When you see your franchise goalie get run like that though, you have to respond in a big way, and I just don’t think the Rangers were able to do it the way they may have wanted to.  New regime or old, the Blueshirts still have difficulty with teams that can “skate”

And on a more disturbing note, Montreal ran through the Isles tonight, putting the Rangers at the bottom of the playoff pool.  Nail-biting time fo sho.

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  1. Dave says:

    I’m surprised no one took a run at Ruutu for that. It’s like they stopped caring.