3rd and Season

April 2, 2009, by

Kinda weird to use a football reference here, but the Rangers have to look at the next 20 minutes as the rest of their season.  With the Islanders doing their best to make it impossible for the Blueshirts, a loss here puts them squarely behind the eight-ball.  Love Tortorella’s fire going into the locker room though.  Hopefully it translates to a strong effort here.

Update Friday, 11:10am (Dave): Considering the magic number doesn’t really mean much anymore, as it will play out until the last game of the season, I removed the magic number counter on the right. I also got depressed that the number stayed so high for so long.

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  1. becky says:

    gross. hank blocked 19 of 23. they only took 23 freaking shots. not to give the offense credit, but really.. come on now.

  2. Dave says:

    They can’t seem to win two big games in a row. It’s disturbing.