Not Getting Much Love

April 1, 2009, by

Maybe its just me, or is every team fighting for a playoff spot/position in the East playing pretty well?  Carolina and Pittsburgh are on fire, and even though Philly hasn’t been spectacular, they have been good enough to stay afloat in the 4th spot.  The teams chasing the Rangers aren’t giving them any room to breath either.  I feel that every time I’m looking at a box score, the Habs and the Panthers are coming up with wins.

All that said, the Rangers really need to dig deep in the last five games just to make the playoffs because nobody is giving an inch.

Update 9:30am (Dave): I found the NYTimes link showing that the NHL re-upped with Versus for another three seasons (Ugh). You can read it here. Stas was mentioning this in one of the many ways Versus sucks when covering hockey.

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