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Nik Antropov and Derek Morris

March 4, 2009, by

The Rangers got at least one need for a relatively low price this deadline: Nik Antropov for a 2nd rounder and a conditional pick (I’ll try to fish out the details of the pick).

My initial reaction to this pickup: Great job by Sather on this deal. Waiving Voros and Reitz and assigning Bell to Hartford cleared room for this deal. We have been calling for Antropov for a while, he adds size and scoring up front.

Now that was the good news.

The price for Derek Morris: Dmitri Kalinin (cap purposes), Nigel Dawes, and Petr Prucha. I am absolutely livid. Words cannot express how fucking pissed I am at this deal. Derek Morris is the last thing the Rangers needed. I covered this already, I don’t want to repeat myself, but WHY?!?!?! He serves no purpose other than to be the 2nd coming of Dmitri Kalinin.

Overall reaction: Can I get a Fire Sather?

The depth chart has been updated to reflect these deals. A poll will be added shortly to gather your feelings.

Update 3:40pm I’m aware that Prucha and Dawes would have seen less playing time with Avery here. But remember, I did not want Avery back (unlike Stas and Mike, I think), so that’s of small comfort.

And Prucha was a RFA, not a UFA.


  1. Adam says:

    Agreed – paid way too much for Morris. Its nice to see Kalinin go but why would we give up Dawes and Prucha?? Sather got fleeced trying to dump salary. I think this deal was about clearing out a spot on the blue line next year for either Potter or one of the other youngsters in the system.

  2. Bryan says:

    Of the three, Kalinin and Prucha UFA’s weren’t going to be back next season and Dawes’ playing time would have decreased dramatically with Sean Avery back with the Rangers.

  3. Mike A. says:

    Hah! I traded Kalinin, Dawes and like, a 4th rounder for Morris in NHL09 when it first came out last fall.

  4. Dave says:

    Morris serves NO PURPOSE!! He doesn’t even have a goal this year, and he’s supposed to help on the PP? Are you nuts?

  5. Adam says:

    Lets face it – sather likes over priced underachieving d-men

  6. Tim says:

    why the hell did they give dawes and prucha away?? this guy morris has 5 goals, 7 assists, and is a -12. kalinins got 1 goal 12 assists and is only -7. just giving up kalinin for morris would have been fine. makes no sense, get sather out of here

  7. Dave says:

    Morris is supposed to be a PP QB, but yet he doesn’t play the PP in Phoenix

  8. Tim says:

    eh, now that i have thought about it i guess it makes some sense. with avery and antropov coming in dawes and prucha would have been the odd ones out. also, gotta clear up some space. guess we’ll see what morris brings

  9. MaddMatt says:

    Motherfucker. Sather couldn’t just be happy with Antropov? I Kalinin, whatever, but losing Prucha and Dawes, fucking makes me sick, I liked these guys.

    Not even sure what to fucking think at this point…

  10. Dave says:

    I don’t like the Avery deal, so I’m still mad.

  11. becky says:

    PRU 🙁

  12. Mike A. says:

    Bottom line: are the Rangers a better team now then they were when they played their last game?

    Yeah, I think they are. The three players being brought in (Avery, Morris, Antropov) are > than the three players on the way out (Kalinin, Prucha, Dawes). Reitz is easily replaceable, and the draft picks are just the cost of doing business.

    They got bigger and tougher, and added some veteran guys with experience. I like it.

    • Dave says:

      They were better when they got Antropov, that I agree with.

      They overpaid for Morris, who is Kalinin part 2.

      • Matt says:

        The constant negativity around hear is starting to wear a little thin. I’m with Mike here. I see a team that’s better now than it was before the deadline. That’s cool with me. Did I love Prucha? Sure, I think every Rangers fan had a bit of a man crush on him. However, the Rangers probably stood a good chance of having to deal him at the end of the year anyway. There’s no way they were gonna be able to resign all the RFAs. Now its not an issue. Whatever, we’re still due for a first round exit regardless.

        • Matt says:

          I’d like to preemptively call myself out on saying everyone is being so negative and finishing my post with “the rangers are gonna lose in the first round” haha.

        • MaddMatt says:

          I agree, when you really step back and look at it, I think it’s a better team post deadline.

          I just am a little mad we won’t really see what Dawes and Prucha (to a lesser extent) will develp into.

          But, I guess this will help them keep Dubi/Staal/Callahan going forward, so….

        • Dave says:

          The team is better for this year, but that’s only because Antropov is here.

          I’m telling you, Morris is not going to work out. I’m willing to bet money on it.

  13. Dave says:

    Being upset with Sather’s decisions doesn’t really qualify for constant negativity.

    I can’t speak for everyone else here, but I already made a post about how stupid it would be to bring Morris in. He is not what this team needs. They also overpaid out the ass for him.

    The Antropov trade was a gem though.

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