What About Columbus?

February 20, 2009, by

It is no surprise to anyone that the Rangers have a glut of centers. They have four on the roster, with two knocking on the door. Assuming the Rangers resign Betts and no one offers Dubi an outrageous offer sheet, they will have 6 centers for the foreseeable future.

Columbus GM Scott Howson confirmed on Toronto’s Fan590 that his team has interest in acquiring a center, and will be buyers at the deadline. It is safe to assume that their first choices would be players that don’t have long term contracts, such as Nik Antropov. However, and I’m just being an irresponsible rumor mongorer here, they have the cap room to absorb the cap hit of a higher priced center, like Scott Gomez, and still be able to resign their key free agents.

While I don’t think Gomez is going anywhere, it’s still fun to talk about. Thoughts?


  1. Adam says:

    I’d rather see Drury go than Gomez. Drury is more the complementary type of player and not really set to be THE star on a team. Gomez isn’t a super star but he is a better playmaker, skater, puckhandler and plays well in his own zone. Bottom line I think Gomez is the more valuable asset to the Rangers going forward.

  2. MaddMatt says:

    I agree, Gomez is a lot more talented than Drury, so for the long term, I’d rather keep Drury.

    But, that being said, games like Tuesday’s make you no want to trade either of these guys, haha.

    You’d obviously have to see the deal.

  3. Dave says:

    Well, if they can dump a contract like Gomez or Drury, I’m all for it. This isn’t a slight against them, it’s just their contracts are absurd. They are both 2nd line centers being paid like 1st line centers.

  4. MaddMatt says:

    Well, if that article doesn’t describe Drury, I don’t know what does…2nd line guy, good both ways…

  5. Dave says:

    If they are looking for a playmaker, they would go Gomez, if they wanted a finisher, they would go Drury.

    It’s not going to happen though.