Anisimov called up

February 1, 2009, by

The Rangers have apparently recalled top prospect Artem Anisimov from Hartford. Still no official word from the team on the move, but the AHL transactions page is about as good a source as you can find. If you’re unfamiliar with Anisimov, Dave profiled him about two weeks ago. Hopefully this isn’t like the Bobby Sanguinetti call up and we actually get to see the kid play.

Hat tip to Rick Carpiniello.

Update 10:00am (Dave): So what does this mean for the Rangers? Hopefully it means a line of AA centering Dubinsky and Zherdev. Hopefully it means Voros sitting. Hopefully it means that the Rangers are sick and tired of not scoring any goals, and are praying for offense.

I say hopefully because in the back of our minds, there’s the thought that he is being showcased for a trade. Now, I would move AA in the right deal (ie: for a top 3 winger), but I don’t think that deal is going to come along, hence the worrying. Let’s hope Sather isn’t going to move him for a rental.

Update by Mike (10:18am): Steve Zipay has gotten confirmation of the move from a team official.

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